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Ahad, 10 April 2011

Jigsaw Puzzles

He requested specifically for this!
Addeen was so happy when he got home from his Tahfiz Class.. I bought him three jigsaw puzzles as he have been pestering me with it for a couple of months. Not forgetting, we bought two jigsaw puzzles from MBS Book Store, ECMall yesterday.

 Jigsaw puzzles are one of the few games that really can be enjoyed by all ages. Often viewed as educational, they can also keep the mind active & can be used as fun gifts. 

They are simply fun. But, there are also a range of benefits that come with this kind of toy. They can help children develop and boost certain key skills that will be useful to them as they proceed through school and on into later life. 
He loves animals...

I was esthetically glad when he asked for one. Why? During my studies in Melaka Women Training College (at this date known as Melaka Women Training Institute) I learnt ways to enhance children's developement through games. Jigsaw puzzles is one of them.

  • Puzzles can help develop a child's reasoning and problem solving skills. Even the simplest jigsaw will require them to think about what they do as they try to put the puzzle together.
  • Puzzles can also help a child to develop their fine motor skills when they are young. Having to pick up individual pieces and slot them into place without breaking up the bits they have already completed can be a complex task to learn. But, it can reinforce some skills that are essential to their development.
  • Putting a puzzle together will also work on the child's hand-eye co-ordination and their understanding of shapes and colours.
  • The subjects on puzzles can also be used as educational aids. An alphabet or number puzzle, for example, will be fun for the child to complete but is also a good opportunity for a parent to chat to them about letters and numbers and to reinforce learning. 
  • He loves looking at the atlas and
    maps. Now, the world is in
    his hand!
  • Solving a puzzle can do wonders for a child's self-esteem. As puzzles get more challenging for them they also learn useful life skills such as seeing things through to completion and trying different approaches to problem solving.

His all-time favourite
One of the biggest benefits for children here is the fact that puzzles are fun. He enjoyed solving the Ben10, Upin &Ipin, Ultraman, The World and Wild Animals puzzles, Many children will  resist learning at home if they know it is happening. Enjoying making up a puzzle, however, could mask the fact that they are also having an educational experience. And he enjoyed the experience!! I'm glad he loves it:))

I took his challenge to solve this.. This is just a small matter *in a snobbish manner*
I am still trying to solve this puzzle.. And it's been 3 hours!!!
I guess I'm too old and rusted!


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