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Jumaat, 21 Januari 2011

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

I wasn't a fan of malay novels during my novel-addicted years.. I only read novels which I have to for my SPM (  Sorry. Seriously I can't remember the title ...) written by A Samad Said. The second novel was for my STPM ( same case here...Sorry...) 
But my second daughter, Faeiqah reads three languages of novels since 2007, when she was only in her Year 3 of primary. As time passes by, I felt so shameful to my children who are better in Malay and they really knocked by these malay novels. They can read 24/7 and they learned many bombastic words from these novels. 
Last December, I started to learn to read and like these malay novels which was a taboo for me. I went to the State Library, Jalan Gambut and spent an hour, just to read the synopsis of randomly chosen novels from the shelves. Actually, I only took four books! It was hard for me.. Trust me! 
After reading the synopsis, the prefaces and the mid chapters, I took  "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih by HABIBURRAHMAN ( a well-known Indonesian writer) as my first step to be a malay novel reader.  
Actually, I just want to be on the same track as my children but I won't admit it... 

Chapter by chapter I went through. I was amazed! It's a romantic novel in an Islamic way... And I gained so much from it. From the  synopsis it sounded very bold but once you start the engine, you will see a beautiful scenery there...  And now I understand how love in Islam is so beautiful when you live by it.


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