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Ahad, 13 Februari 2011

Welcome To The Starfruiters!!! (Day 1 /Part 3@ The BBQing)

After all the seafood cleaned & marrinated, it's time to put them on the charcoal fire!
But before that, we assigned these two professionals to start the fire....ehhehehehehe
Pst! The mini canopy bought just for this event... now it's safely & neatly kept in Along's room....

Hubby Baby's and his 2nd big brother, Abg Deris... The little brother is not blowing coz he's willing to pay extra for the coming electric bill! 

The prawns, tiger prawns and squids are marinated western style while the fish  with kampung style...
East meets West!!

The grandchildren watching and had to test the stuff FOR SO MANY TIMES!

Some are enjoying the time to laze around, read mags or just surfing using  their iPhone!
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Now they are trying to have the heat.... 
If you are suffering from food poisoning, u should get a plate!
Most are charred!

The two cousins who are the same age, ....They just can't get away from the pc and laptop here!
BBQing a bit more And I get a chance to have a taste of it...
Enjoying the food!

Borak time!

I made the Chocolate Cake for this botak boy, Dak Serul, specially on his birthday, 3rd February...
HAppy Birthday Serul! May Allah bless u with all the happiness in the world and hereafter!

Everyone is satisfied with the cake!
 There were only 30 people in the house that very night... 
We missed Abg Mid's family (the 2nd elder ), Abg Mail's families (the 4th brother..he has two families :P), Abg Aim's family (the 5th brother) and Enon's family (the youngest). 
The only place which was not slept in was the kitchen! Heheheheehehe..... 
Where we sleep is not the point.. It's less important when we have our family members around us and we spend quality and fun times with them... That's what matters!


cik aletheea :

yeah..the best part was..the cake..
sedap sungguh... .

Cool Lean

Thanks sbb "the best part was..the cake.."
Friday ni nak buat lagi.. Saturday ada PIBG meeting kat Pekan, so mau bawak!
Lepas u all balik, dak Along sudah kasik licin itu pinggan cake! Hingga menjilat pinggan!


yeah tq gak...sebab celebrate besday serul..heheh

Cool Lean

March birthday Along...
So, sapa nak sponsor cake tuk dia???

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