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Ahad, 13 Februari 2011

Welcome To The Starfruiters!!! (Day 1 /Part 2)

The day continues.....
I wanted to make the muffins for our picnic a day earlier but my Hubby Baby insisted I do it with the Starfruiters... He said "It'll be fun for everyone!"
So, that's what the mothers do!

Kakak is ready to roll!
While I making sure all the ingredients will be on the mat ..... 

At first, there're only us....

Vanilla essence into the vanilla mixture..........
This is when I can really make use of Katon!
hua hua hua!!!!

On the mat is my 18 years old vintage recipe book with my 'trial recipe notebook' on top of it!
All neww recipe will be scribbled on the notebook. If I'm satisfied with the recipe, then only I'll write it in my  my big book!

Mak and Ammar joined the flock...

"Patut le benda ni mahal.. Leceh nak buat dia ghupanya.. "
That's what Mak said when she watched the process.... and she had the 1st cup!
Alhamdullillah, she didn't stop at the first cuppie! 
While we're busy in the kitchen, the big and small girls........

Anak-anak dan cucu-cucu daraku berposing di tepi taman.....

Ops! terselit pulak anak dara yg x berapa kecik tu!
Kat sini aje ada 7 org cucu.... 
Macam-macam perangai!
Dari kanan: Batrisyia, Nada, Nana, Najat, Ayu, Alin, Faeiqah, Dina, Zamani...

Nada, the elder  and Najat, the younger... Najat is the teaser in the family of Katon & Wahbi! Kecik-kecik cili padi minah ni!
 Where are the men???They're at the Pasar Basah Beserah buying the fresh seafood for our BBQ!
Addeen helping out ....That's my boy!

The big prawn cost RM60 perkg! It's just XXL sized prawns but due to the big waves, bad weather, the price really hiked up by almost 100% from the normal price!

It's been a while since I ate the ikan sisa Nabi @ Ikan sebelah..

Mak, Ani(Ary's wife..that makes her my niece-in-law) and me just watched ;P

Still watching....hehehehehe

The father-and-son talk.....The son loves to ask and the father have to answer... :))
Wait! There's more to come!!!!


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