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Khamis, 17 Februari 2011

Weekend atau Weak End?

Hehhehe.. Ni takde kaitan dengan citer ni.. Cuma nak kongsi aje gambau akujanji anak2 UPSR 2011 ni.. Nampak tak dak Faeiqah? Mana? Yang bertudung sebelah kanan sekali, tu le dia... Dia tu kalau pasal aku janji ni, mesti berkerut dahi! Bukan apa..dia rasa stress! hhehehehe

On Saturday, Faeiqah and Batrisyia will have to attend school for replacement of CNY holidays. At the same time, Hubby Baby, Addeen and me will be in SHAH Pekan to attend Along's PIBG meeting till...noon, I guess! It's not because the MB Of Pahang Darul Makmur will be there but PIBG (or any meetings in schools) is a compulsory for us. So, most probably, we will not be able to fetch FAeiqah and Batrisyia from school on time.. will have to seek help from my neighbour..

After school, they will start doing their homeworks.. Why?

Sunday morning till 1.30pm, as usual, they will be attending  their Tahfiz Al-Quran  Class at the mosque.
Faeiqah and Batrisyia sitting behind during their Qasidah session , one of the activity  on their Sunday Tahfiz classes

 After Zohor prayer, we will rush to Stadium Darul Makmur for SJK(C) Kong Min's  Sports Day 2011! Usually it will end at 6:30 pm.. Fuh! Mesti letih punya budak duaorang ni! So, my mission between the hours is to make Addeen tired at the end of the day ;P

When I look at their weekly schedule, I myself feel tired! They don't have the time to go out and play. Whenever we are at the Toys Department in a mall, they will have a look at the toys but at the same time "Kitorang bukan nak beli. Kitorang nak tengok aje. Kalau beli pun tak ada masa nak main" 
"We don't want to buy these. We just want to have a look. We don't have the time to play if we buy them"

So, can I call a weekend, as a weekend or WEAKEND???


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