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Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

A Promised Lunch

A copule of months ago, Hubby Baby promised the children a Pizza Hut treat if the electric bill goes below RM150. Before, Pizza Hut, Sushi King, Noodle Station, Restauran Santai and other restaurants were weekly routines for us. But since he started his masters, we have to cut off some misc expenses. Why? Because he's paying his studies with his own money, until he gets the cheque from EPF .. which is also his money!

The January bill was only RM 135! A BIG surprise to us! It's been almost seven years since I saw the same figure from the electric usage.

 Another table of noisy customer in Kuantan Parade Pizza Hut yesterday!

 The 1st minute, they were quiet.... looking at the menus to decide their meal of the day...
 She's the starter to a noisy hour on the table!

 "Abah. How's your trip tasks in Singapore this time?"
Another 5 minutes of Abah's story of Albert Court Village Hotel...

 The "I can eat a horse" boy... 

 And they play together.. But I don't even know what the game is...
The girl from the next table was very 'attentive' watching Addeen ...

 Ok.. Enough with Addeen.. It's 'only girls' now!
Please don't ask me what game they're playing because it's in chinese!

 "Ok Abah.. Let us boys play a game"..

 Oh my! Abah is the Ultraman! 

 Let them play while I indulge into my Seafood Marinara Spaghetti... 
It doesn't look an tempting as in the menu! But I finished the whole plate myself..

 Addeen ordered Kid's Meal A for himself..
A personal Pan Pizza, single sensation  ice-cream, iced Milo and supposedly a Kiddie Fun Pack..
Please take note.. If u buy Pizza Hut's Kids Meal, PLEASE... again..PLEASE ASK for the Kiddie Fun Pack eventhough the pack wasn't fun at all!! 

Hubby Baby ordered Hut's Power Meal 4 for the rest of us.. I'm included in 'the rest of us'!
A regular cheezy layer Super Supreme, a regular cheezy layer Thai Seafood, 4 chicken soup (we hate chicken soup!), 4 pieces garlic stick bread,a pitcher of Morning Dew (with all of us coughing these few days?? Sigh!!) and a garlic bread.
Is it the pizza or his teeth ????
He went to Belgium, Germany, Singapore, India, Japan, Kuwait and he saw everyone ate pizza with their fingers. He ate Pizza with Americans, Italians, New Zealanders and Australians who ate with their fingers too.. But only Malaysians uses fork and knife!
Kekwat sungguh!

 I thought this will be packed later, as usual but everything dissapeared in 30 mins!

 That's Addeen's Island Supreme personal pan. And we 'helped' him to finish it!
 Hey! That's what families are help when one is in need!
Thank you Abah!!
Finishing the morning dew at noon..... All are happy for getting what they've promised for...
And in my mind from the beginning.. It'll be more fun if Along was here with us....


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