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Isnin, 30 Mei 2011

How We Spent Our Anniversary Together?

29th May was the beginning of our life....

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Yesterday was definitely a blessed one! Other than Addeen being down with fever, it was a good one for us..

There wasn't any big celebration party but I made two Stuffed Roasted Chicken for the six of us to tango... My celebration was to see everyone digging in on a table with their happy faces! The kids asked us to go out for a date but hey! We dated the night before!  

Other couples would change presents on this perfect day. But we didn't! Well...not exactly... He have been giving me presents every now and then.. Two days before, he presented me something BIG! 

Another Toyota for me! It's not a brand new but when given a present this big, don't say a word! Just give him a big hug, a big kiss and he knows I appreciate it and am really happy!

What was my present for him????
I didn't buy it in advance... I always got it ready in advanced but I wanted to do something out of my routine this year... I have a budget to get a pair of watch for both of us. To do that, we have to go out! ECM was our choice.... We went around the shops and boutiques but none came to his admiration! Being a bit dissapointed, he said he wanted a new pouch. And I think I need a new sling! So..we ended up with ....
 A dark brown leathered pouch for him..

And a brown small sling bag for me... along with a new blouse...hehehhehe

To continue this special day, we had our dinner at home, all of us sitting in front of the TV watching P Ramlee's life story on History Channel :)) It may sound routine but having all of the children watching the same programme on TV at the same time on the same floor is not as easy as when they were small....

To me and Hubby Baby, the most precious all time gift is spending a quality time with the four pearls who was born out of our love!

Our anniversary isn't about the two of us but it's all about what made out of being deeply in love since 1988!

May we  stay deeply in love with each other 
till Jannah...Ameen....


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