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Rabu, 4 Mei 2011

Addeen's Pants..

This entry was drafted a few weeks ago. But then, I was so busy.
This project kept me busy today.. From 3 pm till 10pm, I spent most of my time in my tiny sewing room. That included my evening cooking, my 3 trips sending the children to schools, dinner, praying and folding the clothes... This is my first ever pants project.  I went through my books and notes to complete this task..

The first thing to do is to cut the fabric following the pattern-pieces done earlier. I'll make an entry on drafting the pattern-pieces later .. But don't ask me when!
After cutting the pieces, sew the edges and get ready to sew them.

First, sew the outer side of the pants-to be. It's just a straight stitch.

Sewing the inner side of the pant-to be..
The right and left leg of the pant-to-be..

Place the hem with iron and pin when it's laying flat.

Stitch with the pants inside out by running them through the machine. 
This is the waist. I deducted 5inches from his waist-length for the elastic band. 

Press the bottom of the elastic casing. Don't forget to top-stitch it.

When done, iron the pants for neatness..

See! I've done two pants in few hours.. 

And he's wearing them 5 days in a week with "Ni Ummi saya yang jahit, tau!" ("My mom sewed this for me")


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