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Jumaat, 29 Januari 2010

Cooking ~ for the love of it

My mom used to own a small restaurant in the center of Melaka. RZ RESTORAN was the name given to it. It's a good combination of my mom & dad's name... All of us have the same initial as the restaurant's name. We called ourselves "The RZ Sisters".

Everyday, after school & during weekends, we will help mom out in the restaurantuntil midnight... Every Sunday, we will walk to the 'Pasar Borong' ( which used to be in Taman Laksamana) buying all sorts of things needed for the restaurant. After that, mom will grab a trishaw for her & the groceries back to the restaurant.And the 4 of us will walk back..

Living in a shop house, watching, helping her with her cooking & preparing them, made me a fast learner... I could still remember .. There were times when she have some errands outside, my 2nd sister & me will have to cook for the restaurant... Since then I just adore & love cooking..

My Hb Baby & my lovely 4 children prefers my homecooked meals. Whenever we go out to dine, they would always compare the food.. And..u know what they will say.."Ummi masak lagi sedap!" (^u^)

Their favourite breakfast would be this~~

They could really have this Hainanese Roti Bakar every single morning, rather than a plate of nasi lemak with fried chicken!

Look at my Hb Baby!!! He love to dip it in his hot coffee...

This is my little one. Sometimes he wants it for lunch or even dinner! And the most freaking for me was when he want it for the whole day!

But there's a Malay saying, "Ikat perut suami"..Mmmmmm.....


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