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Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

Cultivating Is very Important!

Some people asked me how we managed to be here, after 19 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and 2 days in marriage and Alhamdulillah, are still madly in love to each other after 25 years and 5 days. What could I say? Allah planned this for us and HE is the BEST PLANNER.. But still good effort and hard work have been done and still in progress..

Marriage is like a garden. Cultivating a good ‘marriage’ is like two people growing a healthy ‘garden’.

*Googled :)

To achieve a beautiful garden the couple must water and feed it and it will grow. But if we forget about our garden or make something else a priority - it will die and what we will have is a garden that is a complete mess.

The gardeners must co –operate in harmony with each other, using gardening wisdom, the right tools, and motivation, just like husband and wife should work together to achieve a successful marriage. (We do use hammer, nails, pliers and other tools for other tasks... ) 

The garden must be taken care of to flourish. This is the same for a marriage! The struggle is worth it. There's no short-cuts or highway...

May Allah grant us, you and me, a beautiful, flourish and healthy garden that will last till Jannah... Aameen...

My three most beloved people.. Kakak, Hubby Baby and Along.. 

Quarter of the people who always prayed for our happiness...

Mak, who will always hug me everytime she has the chance.. I may be her 'naughtiest' daughter-in-law but I love her just the way I love my Ibu...
Half of the most important crowd in my our life...

My Busu, my Ibu, my Teh, my Achik, my Bik (not in the picture) and my Mak Long (also not in this picture) are the greatest!

*Not forgetting the du'as from everyone in these pictures... Du'a from family members are as important as everything else...

*Our 20th anniversary is just a few days away :)
Thank you ALLAH for this great man, great marriage and great life with our 4 growing Chonets..


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